Vision & Strategy.

Our Aim

“To help address some of the major challenges facing corporations in an environment of ever-increasing global security concerns and add value for all of our stakeholders through partnership and innovation.”

We will realise this mission by continuing to develop exceptional and secure products backed up by industry leading support.

Our Strategy

The Company is focused on delivering growth through the development of new products, providing its customers with much-needed peace of mind whilst also improving business efficiency and flexibility through innovative technology.

Grosvenor Technology’s products are at the cutting edge of access control and human capital management technology. The business is well positioned to capitalise on the crossover between these two aspects of electronic security and continued investment ensures that it stays at the forefront of this marketplace.

Safetell is the industry leader in a number of high-demand physical security products and is perfectly placed to service the industry. The market for asset security products and services is fast growing with the ever-increasing threat of terrorism and crime placing security high on the priority list for corporate clients.

This strategy is supported by ambitious management who have identified key areas of growth in the security sector and have devised a plan to fully develop this opportunity.